Serafim Fertuzinhos is an anonymous society with a 2 million euros social capital and that produces essentially shears and scissors. It’s a family business established in 1958 and began with the production of knifes destined to the Portuguese colonies. With the independence of those countries the company struggles to continue, and that’s when they focus more on the shears production. This change allowed the factory to evolve in a positive way till 1985 when it changes to a limited society. At that time the company had about 70 workers, but the manufacture process was mainly handmade with a lot of costs in men labour.

In mid 90’s, already with a prominent position worldwide and practically the only Portuguese manufacturer of pruning shears, the company evolves to a higher grade of automation of processes.

In 2001 it changes to an anonymous society, with a structure that is maintained till today. In 2007 acquires the company “Artezin” that in the meantime manufactured the same type of products, strengthening the position on the market.

After several years of prospection, in 2009 the company Serafim Fertuzinhos S.A. opens a commercial company in Brazil (Carpa do Brasil, Ltda.), to develop and expand the Carpa Brand in that country.

More recently includes also de company Batil, a company that produces textile scissors, household scissors and other range of scissors. Strengthening even more the offer and range of products.

Present in 5 Continents, in countries like Italy, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, México, Chile or South Korea, among many others.

‘The Portuguese scissors’.



Develop, produce and commercialize shears and scissors for every use, with technology and superior quality, looking for the client satisfaction, contributing for the growth of the productivity, respecting de individual, the society and the environment.


Safety on work
Robustness and durability
Adaptability to today’s needs
Market consolidation


Conquest of a relevant position on the market. Strengthening of the presence in Brazil Sustainability of the business in current markets and spread to new ones. Launching of new solutions in the global market