Laser Cutting 2D

We are able to cut metal sheets till 20 mm thickness, this service allows a great variety of solutions on 2 dimension metal cutting, since small keyrings till advertising sheets with 3 x 1,5 meters. It cuts steel, stainless steel and aluminium.laser_cut



Stamping metal parts

Due to production characteristics we have the equipment that allow the stamping and conformation of metal, both hot and cold stamping.


Moulds and blister production

We produce thermo conformed blisters till 500 mm long and 300 mm wide. The ideal for an attractive packaging.


3d printing (fast prototypes)

Due to the technological investment of the last years we are able to create plastic prototypes from CAD draws, till the dimensions of 203 x 152 x 152 mm. That allows having a prototype without the need of manufacture, transform, etc… directly from the draw to the final shape!


Tools and CNC machining

With 3 CNC milling machines we are able to support in the creation of moulds and specific parts inside the following parameters.

  • Work table: 2600 on x axis, 700 on Y and Z axis
  • Maximum weight of the piece to mill: 2.150 kg
  • 3 axis machining, 3+2 axis machining, 5 axis machining simultaneous
  • Velocity, till 14.000 RPM


Lathe works

We have a CNC production lathe, with the capacity to work with pieces till 25 mm diameter, 6+2 axis and 10.000 RPM


Gravação por Laser

Gravamos peças em diversos materiais, através de tecnologia laser. Desde uma mensagem escrita até imagem em silhueta.


Plastic injection

3 plastic injection machines allow producing plastic pieces and injecting plastic parts into metal, also available the capacity of biomaterial injection.