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2D Laser Cutting

With sheet metal cutting capacity of up to 20 mm thick, this service enables a wide variety of 2-dimensional metal cutting solutions, from small keyrings to 3 x 1.5 meter advertising boards. Iron, stainless steel, and aluminium cutter.

CNC Tools and Equipment

With three operation centres, we are able to support the creation of specific moulds and parts within the following parameters:

  • Large working table with 2600 mm on the X axis and 700 mm on the Y and Z axis.
  • Weight of workpiece/block of up to 2.150 kg.
  • 3-axis operation, 3 + 2 axis, and 5 axis simultaneously.
  • Speeds of up to 14 000 RPM

Prototyping (3D Printer)

As a result of the technological investment made in recent years, we can create polymer prototypes of up to 203 x 152 x 152 mm based on the design of solids. This allows you to have a one-piece prototype in place without the need for the creation of moulds or any transformation work. Straight from the drawing to the part itself.

Production of Moulds and Blisters

We produce thermoformed blister packs with 3 tabs for advertising cards. Up to 500 mm in length, 300 mm in width, and 75 mm in height. Ideal for attractive packaging.

Part Turning

We are equipped with a CNC (computer numerical control) production lathe, with part turning capacity of up to 25 mm in diameter, 3 m bar feeder, and 6 + 2 axis working capacity up to 10.000 RPM.

Part Printing

Due to certain production characteristics, we have equipment that can print and shape metal both in hot and cold conditions.

Laser Engraving

We engrave parts in various materials using laser technology. From a written message to a silhouette image.

Plastic Injection

With 3 injection machines, we can also produce plastic parts, metal injected plastic, and bi-material injection.

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